Partner with Your School

As parents, you are empowered to make a difference. Family time together with parents reading and talking with their children and being involved in their school is the key difference in student performance. There is no cost except your time, but the profit is a lifetime of more opportunities for your child. We encourage you to be a partner with your student’s school, and together we can prepare your child for a successful future. One way to be involved and know how you can best support your child is to attend PIQE at OHS.

Parent Involvement Goals

The Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District has six Parent Involvement goals:

  1. Help parents develop parenting skills and foster conditions at home that support children’s efforts in learning.

  2. Provide parents with knowledge of techniques designed to assist children in learning at home.

  3. Provide access to and coordinate community support services for children and families.

  4. Promote clear, two-way communication between the school and the family as to school programs and children’s programs.

  5. Involve parents, after appropriate training, in instructional and support roles at the school.

  6. Support parents as decision makers and develop their leadership in governance, advisory, and advocacy roles.

Home-School Communication

Parents are actively involved on the School Site Council and the English Learner Advisory. Parents receive training on how to help students at home and to monitor their progress. Home-school communication and partnerships are further strengthened through parent-teacher conferences. Our teachers address parent concerns promptly and value your input. We invite our parents to several Parent Nights throughout the year.

Additionally, Orosi High School has begun Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) structures.  Click here to view our PBIS school-wide expectations matrix and informational letter about (PBIS) at Orosi High School.

Parent-Student Handbook

Click the link to view important information for you and your student: