Cutting-Edge Programs

The  transformation of our instructional program over the past four years was realized through a collaborative effort of site leadership, staff, district and community support. What once resembled a very traditional high school has been replaced with cutting-edge academic programs and instructional practices grounded in the California Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the new Career-Technical Education standards. Linked Learning, post-secondary college partnerships, and partnerships with the National Academy Foundation and Project Lead the Way have helped us redesign the high school experience for students and capture what college and career readiness should look like.

3 Career Academies

We currently offer three academies:

  • the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology (launched 2013-14)

  • the Academy of Health Sciences (launched 2014-15)

  • the Academy of Sustainable Agriculture (launched 2015-16).

What makes Orosi High School unique is the fact that we have developed our Career Academies while maintaining AVID National Demonstration School status. Our seven-period modified-block schedule has allowed us to have a cohort of students in each Career Academy also participating in the AVID program. Our commitment to Career Academies and college and career readiness through AVID is second to none. We are proud to be an while developing model academic programs that truly prepare students for both college and career.