The following are Career Pathway and Academy Course Offerings at OHS:

K12 District Director of College and Career -  Lisa Castillo
Office:  12623 Ave. 416  Orosi Ca.  93647
Office Phone:  559-528-4763 ext. 1312
District College and Career Secretary -  Ariana Araujo
Office Phone:  559-528-4763
Career Pathway Academy of Engineering & Green Technology:
Engineering Development & Design 
Lead Teacher: Mr. Virgilio Ang
  • Intro to Engineering Design (IED) (9th) A-G
  • Digital Electronics or  Computer Science Engineering  (10th) A-G
  • Principles of Engineering (POE) (11th) A-G
  • Engineering Development & Design (EDD) (12th) A-G
Information, Communication, and Software
Teacher:  Mr. Taylor Linn
  • Computer Science Engineering (10th) A-G
  • AP Computer Science Principles (11th) A-G
Engineering Technology
Teacher:  Mr. Taylor Linn
  • Robotics (10th-11th) A-G
  • Advanced Robotics (11th - 12th)
Engineering Design (Career Pathway)
Engineering Technician (College Course Taken in Person at Reedley College)
Career Pathway Academy of Health Sciences
Health (Public & Community Health) Project Lead The Way Curriculum
Lead Teacher: Dawn Rippy
Teachers:  Mrs. Katherine Arreguin & Mrs. Katy Carter
  • Principles of Biomedical Sciences  (9th) A-G
  • Human Body Systems (10th) A-G
  • Medical Innovations (11th) A-G
  • Biomedical Innovations (12th) A-G
Health (Patient Care) - Pathway
Teacher:  Ms. Amelia Madrigal
  • Medical Terminology & Emergency Medical Responders (11th) A-G
  • Nursing Assistant (12th) A-G and Dual Enrollment with Reedley College
Career Pathway Academy of Sustainable Agriculture:
Agriscience &  Natural Resources
Teacher:  Mrs. . Kathryn Walther
  • Ag Science I (A-G)
  • Ag Biology (A-G)
  • Plant Science I (A-G)
  • Plant Science II
Agriculture Mechanics
Teacher:  Mrs. Jessica Cain
  • Ag Mechanics I (A-G & Dual Enrollment w//Reedley College)  
  • Ag Mechanics II (A-G & Dual Enrollment w/ Reedley College)
  • Ag Mechanics III (Working on A-G) 
Career Pathways:
Teachers:  Mrs. Annaly Alvarado & Mrs. Kathleen Giannandrea
  • Careers in Education (A-G)
  • Intro to Teaching (A-G & Dual Enrollment )
Business Finance 
Teacher:  Mrs. Annaly Alvarado
  • College & Career Financial Success (10th/11th) Working on A-G
Public Safety
Teacher: Mr Bryan Morgan
  • Criminal Justice (9-11th) (A-G & Dual Enrollment)
  • Crime Scene Investigations 10th-12th (A-G & Dual Enrollment)
Emergency Response:
Teacher:  Mr. Larry Roberts
  • Urban-Rural Fire Fighting (11th/12th ) (A-G & Dual Enrollment)
Forestry & Natural Resources
Wildland Fire Fighting (College Course to be taken at Reedley College in person)
Systems Diagnostics, Service and Repair 
Aviation Maintenance & Flight Science (College Course Taken in Person at Reedley College)
Arts Media and Entertainment Pathways:
Video Production
Teacher: Mr. Enrique Martin
  • Digital Video Production (9th-11th) (A-G & Dual Enrollment)
  • Advanced Video Production (10th-12th) (A-G)
Digital Photography
Teacher:  Ms. Adrianna Donato
  • Photography (10-11th) (A-G)
  • Advanced Photography (11th / 12th) (A-G)
 Visual & Commercial Arts
Teachers: Ms. Adrianna Donato & Ms. Jerica Costa
  • Art I/ 3D Art I (A-G)
  • Art II/ 3D Art II (A-G)
  • Art III /  3D Art III (A-G)
  • AP Art 3D or AP History Art (A-G)
What is Dual Enrollment?
Courses that are aligned with local community colleges give students the opportunity to receive college class credit.  Participating in this program will ease the transition from high school to college and encourage students to keep pursuing post-secondary education. Upon completion of the course, the student receives a community college transcript with the grade and units of the Dual Enrollment course.
Dual Enrollment benefits to students
  • There are No student fees for the course and the eventual credits (if CA resident).
  • The student does not need to leave the high school campus or go off-site to take the Dual Enrollment class.
  • Immediate transferable credit/grade is awarded at the end of the course.
  • The student is a HS student and a Community College student that same semester." simultaneously"
High School Dual Enrollment Student’s Requirements:
  • Have a cumulative high school GPA of at least a 2.5.
  • Completing the "community college" application for Admission - This is facilitated in class with isntructor & counselor
  • No More than 5 unexcused absences in the prior semester
  • Obtain approval from the high school principal, a high school counselor, and a parent.
  • The student has no major discipline and behavioral issues
  • Final Teacher Approval and Recommendation if any of the above requirements are not met.