Common Core State Standards - California

Information and resources about the new academic content standards for English language arts and mathematics adopted by the State Board of Education on August 2, 2010.
Summary of Learning Targets in ELA and Literacy, Math, and Science (SBAC Claims and Cognitive Skills) pdf file
5 Things Every Teacher Should Be Doing to Meet the Common Core State Standards pdf file

Defining “Deep Reading” and “Text-Dependent Questions
Teaching Common Core Habits of Mind

Project-Based Learning and Integrating Technology

Tech 2 Learn:
Project-based learning for the 21st Century (BIE):
Designing Multidisciplinary Integrated Curriculum Units:


Implementing Mathematical Practices pdf file
Sample Performance Tasks
New York City Link to Performance tasks for all grades
Engage Curriculum Exemplars
Illustrative Mathematics Project
 Click "Number and Quantity" (at the top of the bar)Click a category (for example, "The Real Number System")Whenever you see the words "see illustrations," clicking on this will take you to a CCSS-aligned math task. Use the same process for "Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Statistics and Probability."
College Preparatory Mathematics -link to CPM website

Web Resources

National Geographic Science Resources (articles that could be incorporated into science curriculum)
Understanding Science: How Science Really Works (a resource to help teach students an authentic inquiry process)
The Story Behind the Science (resources to include a variety of texts in science)