2023-2024 Counseling and Career Center Staff List:

picture of counselor face   Mrs. Anakaren Gonzalez | Class of 2024
picture of counselor face  Ms Yaimar De Leon | Class of 2025
Picture of counselor aguirreMs. Norma Aguirre | Class of 2026
Ms. Plascencia | Class of 2027
picture of counselor face
Mr. Corchado (Counselor)
picture of school psychs faceSchool Psychologist: Mrs. Ramirez-Reyna

picture of social worker faceSchool Social Worker- Ms. Howery

picture of registrar faceRegistrar: Mrs. Gomez -  yagomez@cojusd.org
Counselor Technician: Ms. Solorzano - lasolorzano@cojusd.org
Workforce Development Specialist: 
picture of employee faceMs. Agbulos: chagbulos@cojusd.org 
Student Parent Advocates:
picture of parent advocate face
Ms. Rangel : crrangel@cojusd.org 
picture of employee face
 Ms. Valle  - gevalle@cojusd.org 


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Counseling website with information for students


The mission of the Orosi High School Counseling Program is to promote and enhance student achievement in the areas of academic, career, and personal/social development.


Services Provided

Counselors provide the following services to students:
  • Academic Planning and College Preparation Counseling
  • College Applications, Financial Aid, and Scholarship Search
  • High School, College, and Career Assessments
  • Personal/Social/Relationship Counseling 
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Academic Monitoring
  • Parental Involvement in College and Career Planning

Learn on Your Own:

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Open Educational Resources: This collection features hundreds of free video lectures and course materials from college and universities in the United States and China. 
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