Principal Celaya's Message

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Dear OHS Cardinal,

As you know, we will not be starting school in the traditional manner. Your health and safety is of utmost importance so we will be providing you with a quality education through distance learning. Your teachers have been working really hard to prepare lessons that will be delivered through Google Classroom using live Zoom meetings. Unlike last semester, you will receive letter grades and attendance will be taken in every class. Thus, it is required for you to attend all zoom meetings and remain in constant communication with all your teachers. Eligibility will continue to be enforced through distance learning and we want all students to be eligible to play sports and participate in extracurricular activities when we return to face to face instruction.


It saddens us to know our hallways will not be filled with students laughing with friends, classrooms will not have students collaborating, and sports fields remain empty. This is a difficult situation for everyone, especially teenage students. Please know all of our staff is here for you and can be reached by email or phone. The year of 2020 will go down in history because of COVID-19 and the resilient students who persevered through these difficult times. Rest assured the staff at OHS will be right by your side as we write history together. Years from now, we will remember your hard work and flexibility and look forward to creating lifelong high school memories for every student. 


Please take some time to review your daily schedule on the back of this letter. We have outlined each day by period and opportunities for additional support. We understand this is a new way of learning and we will all need to be VERSATILE during this time. One thing I can guarantee is you have a huge support system at OHS and we are here to help you navigate through this experience. We will continue to work countless hours to make this a memorable high school year for you. Dream Big – Work Hard – Give Back.

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